About Us

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Welcome! We are KBDB, the Know Better Do Better movement. Based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, our goal is to help citizens returning from prison with resources and guidance to inform, encourage, and uplift them.

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How we help support returning citizens

Our support starts with housing. We provide a living space for returning citizens to feel safe and have a sense of home.

Then we develop a tailor-made program for each person focusing on health & wellness, family, education and career support.

Building trust with our returning citizens is important to us, and we don’t judge them based on the choices they've made.

We focus on supporting them to create better options, and our equation for success is that once an individual knows better, they will begin to make the choices to do better.

Our Vision

Society does not give second chances—however, everyone deserves them. As we grow from strength to strength, with your donations and volunteer support, we hope to use our tailor-made model to support returning citizens across the United States.

Join the movement today!

To help with our initiatives, please support us through your donations, and volunteer at our events! If you know anyone who has been released from prison and in need of support or direction, please tell them about KBDB or have them submit a Get Help form here!

Meet Our Board Members

KBDB Board Member Kim Harris

Kim Harris

Realtor / Associate Broker
Board member Kim Harris of Kim Harris Real Estate is one of Georgia's most trusted and top-selling realtors. A 20-year veteran of the real estate sector, Kim is ranked among the best realtors in Georgia with more than $10M in sales. Kim brings her expertise and her passion to help others to the work of KBDB Inc.


More board members are coming soon! To be considered for our board, please message us your name and professional credentials via our contact form here.